Dr. Sabrina Solt

A 6 week program designed to work with your body to release excess fat, achieve the body of your dreams, and dramatically improve your health, all without counting calories or spending hours in the gym

Overcome your cravings, for good this time

Wear those "skinny clothes" you keep in your closet

Finally embody the most confident version of yourself

If you've ever laid awake in bed at night, frustrated and ashamed because you simply can't seem to lose the fat no matter what you do, then it's time you try this approach.

What if...

You showed up at your next high school or college reunion, looking better than you did even while you were there?

What if you strutted in, embodying all the confidence that has been hiding in the shadows all these years?

What would that upleveled version of yourself say to you now?

Could you imagine...

Finally reaching for those "skinny clothes" that have been taking up space in the back of your closet, patiently waiting for this moment?

Feeling the most confident you've ever been as you pull on those gorgeous items?

Falling completely in love with yourself all over again because of this incredible achievement?

Do you dream about...

What it might be like to not have to stress about food? To finally have freedom around your choices without stressing about whether or not something will make you 'fat'?

Or, maybe you dream about escaping the downward spiral you've been on, where you've simply stopped caring about what you eat because you feel like there is no hope for you to reverse the damage that's been done.

"Peace" can look like...

No longer feeling the need to micromanage your body and your choices because you know your metabolism is healthy & strong.

Being able to attend gatherings and go to restaurants without stressing about what you will eat.

Never worrying about how you will feel, look, or perform because you will finally feel sustained energy all day, every day.

Hi, I'm

Dr. Sabrina Solt

I'm here to help you in the same way I've helped myself: to finally lose excess fat, regain confidence, and find peace within your own mind around your body and food. And who am I to do this? Well, let me give you some background...

I’ve dealt with, literally, ALL of the eating disorders, which actually began in 5th grade.

I’ve pushed myself to the brink of complete exhaustion and adrenal fatigue doing 4 fitness competitions back to back, while in med school, thinking that was finally the way I was going to achieve my body goals (it wasn’t, and I didn’t).

Clearly, my issues ran deep.

And boy, did I struggle. And not just because of the yo-yo dieting.

Along the way, my gut was destroyed.

By the end of my last fitness competition, I actually ended up gaining a ton of weight and becoming the heaviest I’ve ever been.

My anxiety went through the roof and my skin erupted with acne in the weirdest places.

I drank a lot, mainly to numb the thoughts that were going through my head. That, obviously, didn’t help things.

At one point, I was even going to Overeaters Anonymous meetings because I could not stop eating.

My body had been starved of nutrients for so long that I could not stop shoving literally anything I could get my hands on into my mouth.

I had hit rock bottom.

No one knew.

The worst part?

I was finishing up naturopathic medical school.

This was, off brand, to say the least.

Fast forward to 7 years later, which is the picture you see to your left. I'm in the best shape of my life, effortlessly, after having 2 kids. I'm no longer stressed out about food, or identifying with any eating disorders. I've finally reached Trim & Tranquil, and I'm here to share with you exactly how I did it.

It will only take 6 weeks, not 7 years.

The way I see it, you have two choices: you can either pass this opportunity by and continue on the path that you're on, or you can step up and make the commitment to yourself to finally create the permanent and lasting change you've been longing for.

If you're having a hard time deciding, ask yourself this: will the version of you in 6 months be happy with your decision?

Say goodbye to...

  • Counting calories

  • Endless hours at the gym

  • Dressing to 'cover up'

  • Avoiding taking pictures

  • Feeling sluggish & fatigued

  • Gas, bloating, and other digestive issues

  • Anxiety and frustration around food

  • Fear and doubt in yourself

Instead, you'll...

  • Feel nourished and satisfied

  • Drop excess fat easily

  • Efforlessly maintain your figure

  • Have energy to keep up with your work and family

  • Experience confidence & peace of mind every single day

  • Cultivate resilience for anything you encounter

I’ve learned a great deal about what works and what doesn’t.

I'd like to introduce you to...

The Trim & Tranquil Course

This is a live, 6 week course, where I will be personally teaching you everything I know about how to achieve easy and sustainable fat loss - all without calorie counting, boring salads, or endless cardio.

Trim & Tranquil is the proven method I personally used to take myself from overweight, anxious, battling eating disorders, and dealing with digestive issues to where you see me now - fit, healthy, strong, and confident.

The difference between those two photos is my simple method.

You see, I discovered that there are only three main reasons why the body holds onto excess fat.

This discovery set me free!

It meant that all I had to do was treat my body in a way that allowed it to realize "oh, I no longer have to keep this excess tissue here, I'm being fully supported by her".

And you know what it did?

My body simply released that excess fat. And it did so quickly.

You see, the body is incredibly efficient. I personally don't believe that it does anything on purpose to hurt us. This includes storing fat.

My approach, which is so radically different than what most people have been taught (which is to beat the body into submission with calorie restriction and excess exercise), is elegant in the simplicity in that it works to support the body in a healthy way, which means the body has no choice but to respond in a healthy way.

Are you ready to change your life?

If so, I can not wait to support you and be your biggest cheerleader through this program!

This program offers 3 main features:

  • It is being taught live! Each week, Dr. Solt will teach 1-2 live sessions over Zoom that will last 90-120min. These modules will be recorded and you will have lifetime access to them and any updates that might come in the future.

  • Supportive community of like-minded people. Everyone in this group is here for similar reasons. You can make lifelong friends, hold each other accountable, and celebrate each other's wins.

  • It is FAST and AFFORDABLE! Seriously, how much more of a no-brainer do you need? Just 6 weeks, value packed, and less expensive than laser lipo.

Here is what is included:

  • 2 Bonus Pre-Course Modules

Before the actual course even begins, Dr. Solt will be leading two bonus modules to help get you started! The first one will be an introduction module where you will meet your classmates and learn how to make the most of this experience. The second one will teach on two non-negotiables you'll need to make sure this is a success: Mindset & Sleep! These two things, if left unchecked, will be the top things that will derail your progress and cause setbacks.

  • Part 1: Modules 1 & 2 - Your Body Is Trying To Store Fuel

The first reason your body stores excess fat? Simple. It is trying to stock up on energy! In Module 1, you will learn all of the reasons why this happens. This is going to be eye opening, to say the least. In Module 2, you will learn how to correct this using strategic nutrition strategies. And don't worry, you won't have to eat a single vegetable if you don't want to.

Yes, I'm serious.

  • Part 2: Modules 3 & 4 - Your Body Is Trying To Balance Hormones

Did you know that your fat tissue is actually an endocrine organ?! Crazy, right? The second reason your body stores excess fat is so that it can actually use it for it's endocrine properties - which is a fancy way of saying your fat can directly impact your hormones, and vice versa. In Module 3, you will learn all the ways hormonal imbalance can lead to excess fat storage or difficulty with losing fat. In Module 4, you will learn all about hormone balancing and manipulation - no matter your age and without using prescription medications or hormone replacement.

  • Part 3: Modules 5 & 6 - Your Body Is Trying To Store Toxins

A professor of mine once said, "the solution to pollution is dilution". It turns out, the third reason your body stores excess fat is so that it has more surface area to place any toxins coming into your system so that they don't hurt you (as much). Pretty neat if you think about it. In Module 5, you will learn about the various toxins (like heavy metals and environmental toxins) that can accumulate in your fat tissue. In Module 6, you will learn about the methods that can safely and effectively detox the body without producing uncomfortable detox reactions!

  • 3 Live Q&A's

2-3 days after Modules 2, 4, and 6, we will meet again for live Q&As! Generally, if there are going to be questions, it is going to be after these "application" modules, and I want to make sure every student is supported in getting their questions answered so they can be successful at the completion of this course.

  • Final Meeting & Graduation

We will meet one last time to discuss wins and share progress, and there will be an opportunity to continue on in a different container for those who want additional ongoing support in their journey. While the information presented will only take 6 weeks, for some people it may take longer to achieve their desired results, and I want to be sure I can support you until you get there.

6 Weeks

12 Video Lessons

PDF Guides

Facebook Group

Excellent Support




Learn about why, even though you are "eating healthy", your body might still think you could be starving!


Did you spend years telling your body that there was a famine because you refused to eat? It got smart and got efficient at storing fuel. We dive into why this happens and how to fix it.


If you are missing key nutrients, the body will hold onto energy in the form of fat. Figure these out to drop the excess.




Learn how to craft nutrient dense meals so that you can fuel your body appropriately, sending it the safety signals it needs to safely release fat.


When done correctly (and patiently!) this part is the singular thing that will allow metabolic flexibility for the rest of your life. You will never fear simply looking at a piece of cake and gaining weight. Your body will now work efficiently.


Sometimes, we have to mop up years of various key essential vitamin and mineral deficiencies which will allow the body to finally heal. Think about how good you'll feel no longer being deprived of nutrition!


OuT oF BaLaNcE hOrMoNeS?

  • The 3 Main Hormones That Promote Fat Gain

Insulin, cortisol, and estrogen can all contribute to excess fat. You will learn the why and the how.

  • Leptin & Ghrelin

How your "satiety" hormones can either work for you or against you in your quest for fat loss.

  • Other Supportive Hormones

You will also learn about things like progesterone, testosterone, growth hormone, and prolactin and how they play into fat storage and loss!


How To Hack Your Hormones At Home

  • Using diet to hack your hormones

What you eat and when you eat can be the strongest chemical signaling for various hormone production.

  • Using exercise to hack your hormones

And for keeping your brain sharp, your muscles capable, your bones strong, your mood elevated, and more! Exercise is a wonder drug.

  • Using supplements to hack your hormones

Plus, how to actually select quality products so you aren't wasting your time and money on a product that is ineffective or dangerous.


Don't you know that you're toxic?

  • What's a toxin?

While it may seem obvious, it's important to start from the basics so we can truly get a deep understanding.

  • Why do we accumulate them?

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be plagued with things like heavy metals and mycotoxins and others are relatively unaffected? There are reasons why we might be great hosts in the first place.

  • Which ones do we accumulate?

We will discuss the various heavy metals, mycotoxins, and environmental toxins that can show up in the body.


Eliminate The Toxicity In Your Life!

  • Safe & effective detox strategies

Sorry to break it to you, but the juice clease you bought back in 2013 from that kid at the neighborhood supplement store likely isn't going to cut it. We will discuss real strategies to do this.

  • How to avoid, mitigate, or address 'detox' symptoms

Yes, the removal of toxins from your stored tissue into circulation for removal from the body can make you feel a little yucky. You'll learn how to fix that!

  • Sometimes, toxins are people.

Yes, we're going to go there. Are there people in your life that are holding you back, criticizing you, or are just otherwise unsupportive? Let's detox them too.

Ready To Go?

But wait, I have BONUSES!



Private Voxer Group

The people who sign up in the first 48hrs (with any payment option) will be added to a private Voxer group with Dr. Solt, where she will be in there twice per week to personally answer questions and offer support!

You will literally have her in your back pocket for the duration of the program.



Free Bottle of Oyster Boom™

The people who register in the first 48hrs with the "pay in

full" option will receive a free bottle of Oyster Boom™, Dr. Solt's pure oyster extract that works to replete minerals, boost energy and libido, enhance the immune system, and increase collagen production (US only).

All Students


10% Lifetime Discount on Fullscript &

$100 off any WellProz Shop Test

To help support you on your journey, you will get exclusive discounts to purchase supplements and testing that can help you as you go through this program.

While not mandatory to do these, I know many people will want to know their data!

The General New Female Wellness Panel will provide insight in regards to hormones and metabolism, and the Total Tox Burden will test for ALL the toxins we discuss in Part 3. Pricing for each test includes a 1:1 consult with Dr. Solt to discuss results.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?

Upon registration you will be sent a detailed schedule. Module 1 starts Jan 3, but there will be bonus content before that.

FAQ image

Can you guarantee results?

Can you guarantee you'll show up with:

  • An open mind

  • A desire to truly commit

  • A solid work ethic

  • Complete trust in the process

If so, then yes, I can guarantee this will be life changing, but I can not guarantee any specific results.

FAQ image

How much is the program?

The total monetary investment is $895. This is the lowest the price will ever be, and will likely be the only time Dr. Solt teaches this course live. There are payment options available, and you can use an HSA or FSA.

Dr. Solt put a lot of thought into the pricing for this transformation. It needed to represent the time and energy she will be pouring into it, while keeping it affordable for those who see the value in the transformation it provides. The hope is that by the end of the program, our students report that they would have happily paid 2-10x more after they see just how much they receive.

FAQ image

What if I can't make the live calls?

No problem! Everything will be recorded and will live in your portal.

You will have lifetime access to this program, including all future updates.

There will be opportunities to still receive support from Dr. Solt even if you aren't present on the calls.

FAQ image

Is this just about the carnivore diet?

No. Dr. Solt had a 7 year journey of healing, for a total of over 2 decades between her struggles and her recovery.

While carnivore was the big move over the last year, and really took her to the next level, the program is not solely dedicated to that. Now, if a person does want to do that, Dr. Solt fully supports it!

FAQ image

What if I'm pregnant and/or breastfeeding?

Dr. Solt embodied all the principles she will teach while she was pregnant and breastfeeding, as that was her life over the past nearly 6 years. Since the foundations of this program are principles that are about what it means to nourish a healthy body, they are absolutely applicable to the states where one is growing a new human! There are certain sections that won't apply yet, but again, this program has lifetime access, and will never be at this price again.

FAQ image

My spouse/partner/other person doesn't think I should do it

Sigh. Sometimes the people we love the most in our lives have a hard time seeing the things we struggle with.

This means they won't see the need we have for something to ease our pain and suffering.

I would see this as an excellent opportunity to have a deep discussion about where you're truly at and how you know this program can help you become the version of yourself you know you want to be. Ultimately, this benefits them and everyone else in your life! When we are our healthiest and most confident selfves we are better partners, parents, friends, employees, etc.

FAQ image

How fast can I expect to see changes?

Shifts will start happening immeidiately in different ways for you. The level of change you get will be in compounded proportion to the effort you put in. Notice how I didn't say in direct proportion. You see, while changes will occur with each aspect of the course, they will actually compound on each other. You will quantum leap in mind, body, and spirit at the end of the 6 weeks. Just go all in.

FAQ image

My question/concern/reason why I'm on the fence wasn't addressed

No worries! Head over to @DrSolt on IG and send a DM. We want you to feel fully confident in this investment and are happy to discuss whatever you need.

FAQ image

Enroll Comfortably With Our

Risk-Free Guarantee

"First Module Free Guarantee"

We want to make sure ths is a good fit.

That's why we offer the ability for you to purchase the course, watch the first module, and complete all associated course work.

If you then decide that this is no longer a good fit (before the start of Module 2), not what you expected, or you simply do not like the teaching style, we will give you your money back, no questions asked, minus a 10% processing fee.

Registration is currently closed and will re-open in March for the next cohort.

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